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    IF you do email your requests to us, just make sure you give us the full title AND designer name AND tell us that these are from the SNT Classics Store .... or else we won't have a clue what you're talking, er, typing, about!


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DMC to Anchor

Anchor To DMC  

Classic Colorworks to DMC         Classic Colorworks floss listing    

   CC Perle listing      Belle Soie silk listing

Gentle Art Sampler Threads to DMC          Gentle Art threads color listing

Weeks Dye Works To DMC       Weeks Dye Works floss listing      

Weeks Dye Works Perle listing

DMC to Needlepoint Silk

Gloriana Silk listing


Did you know that the estimated amount of stitches from one 8m skein of DMC floss is:

14ct fabric using 3 strands of floss = 1200 stitches per skein
14ct fabric using 2 strands of floss = 2000 stitches per skein
16ct fabric using 2 strands of floss = 2500 stitches per skein
18ct fabric using 2 strands of floss = 3000 stitches per skein

Cross Stitch Calculator  

Stitches To Inches

Mini Lessons - How To Do Quarter and Half Stitches

Specialty Stitch Illustrations

Making French Knots
Making Colonial Knots

How To Wash Cross Stitch

Stitching on premade Tokens & Trifles sewing cards


Backstitch Alphabet (2 stitches highl)

Quick Type Alphabet (8 stitches high)

Block Letter Alphabet (9 stitches high)

Georgia Alphabet (12 stitches high)

Times Roman Alphabet (14 stitches high)

Corsiva Alphabet (20 stitches high)

Small Bear & Heart Cross Stitched On Perforated Paper

TOKENS & TRIFLES (for their Sewing Cards)

Needle Felted Heart Pocket/Pouch

Learn To Cross Stitch

Learn To Cross Stitch In 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

How To Cross Stitch On Linen (over two threads)

Learn To Needle Felt

This next section will give you a color picture of the DMC floss colors arranged in color families (not by color number).   The picture comes from a DMC thread color book. The picture does not include the 27 new colors added early 2002. Although not exact, the colors are fairly accurate. Remember that the colors you will see depend greatly on the quality and calibration of your computer screen

The picture is made up of high resolution scans that have been converted in PhotoShop to a lower resolution .jpg file 

DMC FLOSS COLOR CHART    (use this link for printing)

This color chart is handy if you want to change colors in a chart.   For example, say you want to change part of a design from red to blue. The red in the design  has shadowing (red with 2 shades of darker red to create the shadow or texture).  An easy way to convert to blues would be to pick all the shades of blue from the same family.   To find a particular color number in the color chart you will also need the color table.  The table gives the column in which you will find the color number.

This next section will give you a color picture of the ANCHOR floss colors arranged in color families (not by color number)   Although not exact, the colors are fairly accurate. Remember that the colors you will see depend greatly on the quality and calibration of your computer screen

The picture is made up of high resolution scans that have been converted in PhotoShop to a lower resolution .jpg file



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Making photocopies. Legally you can not ever make a copy without the permission of the copyright owner.

It doesn't matter what form the copy takes--photocopy, electronic copy, photographic, etc.

It also doesn't matter if you sell the copies or give the copies away for free--you can not make copies. The copyright owner has the exclusive right to make copies.

This even applies to out of print patterns or patterns in magazines. The copyright owner still has the exclusive rights to the design--even if they choose not to offer the design for sale at this time.


  • You can sell, give away or trade the original pattern you purchased.
  • It IS against the law to scan and upload needlework patterns to the internet.
  • You cannot make a copy of a friend's chart so that you can stitch the design yourself.

copyright abuse

Educating the public (aka your friends and fellow members of e-groups) is paramount to putting an end to the illegal practice of "sharing" charts on the internet. Please help the industry by helping designers protect what is legally theirs. Notify the copyright holder when you see charts illegally uploaded to the internet or being "shared" in web based groups. "Sharing" a purchase with others has both a short and long term negative effect on the industry. Please be a part of the solution. Be an advocate for your needle art!

Please be respectful of designer copyright.

Just because you "found it on the internet" does not mean it was posted legally.

Practice responsible "pinning."




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