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November 30, 2018


Hi Fellow Stitchers!       

      Our 'dome roof' is finally under construction!  Builder and Roofers arrived Monday morning and have been here all week ... at least another week to go.  They've really run into some major repair areas, but .. it's getting done, and about 1/3 of the dome is already reshingled.   My guardian dog Whit, the one who barks madly at dawn and dusk (when predators are most likely around), who barks his head off if a leaf falls anywhere within 2 1/2 acres, who barks at noise out at the road ... yeah that dog hasn't barked a peep all week along with all the banging going on and people crawling all over the roof!!  Go Figure!   Apparently he realizes, on some doggy level, that all this strange activity is a 'good thing'.

      Tomorrow begins our Specials!    A different Special EACH DAY for 12 Days!  For those of you who haven't experiences our STITCHMAS SPECIALS before, or for those of you who need to be reminded .. here is how it goes:

     Each Day's Special is in effect from midnight o'one to midnight of THAT day.   I'll be sending out a SPECIAL Notice the night before .. the notification may be late, or it may not be .. mind of depends on how exhausted I am and if Whit is bugging me unduly.   

    You can begin ordering when you receive that update (since the shop is closed and I won't see your order until that next morning).  You can place more that one order per day for that day's special if you wish; if you do place additional orders for that one day's special, they will be combined to save you shipping!   
    PLEASE NOTE .. the catalog will NOT reflect your discount .. there is absolutely no way I can try to make the computer understand what I'm doing with the sale .. so your discount WILL BE APPLIED when we process your order through here!
     IF you want your orders held until the 12 Days Of Stitchmas is over, simply let us know IN The COMMENTS Section of your order OR in your email OR on the phone.  We don't want you to use up your monies on shipping costs, so we are more than happy to wait till the 12 days are through before we are mailing to you.    If you don't note that you want us to 'wait', we'll begin shipping as soon as we fill your order that day.

    Each Day's Special will be announced on the shop's Facebook Page as well as on the What's New page of the Catalog.

  I WILL be sending December 1st's .. DAY 1 Of The 12 Days Of Stitchmas Special .. tonight after I send this newsletter!



And with that, here's what has just arrived at Hoffman Distributing ...


and ... click here to see what's NEW at Yarn Tree

and ... click here to see what's NEW at Wichelt Imports



ABBY ROSE DESIGNS  --   Joyeux Noel ...  Sampler Stockings 2018

COUNTRY COTTAGE NEEDLEWORKS  --  Glitter House 2  ... Happy Holidays

IMAGINATING --   Dog In Charge

JEANNETTE DOUGLAS DESIGNS --   Patterned Pretties #19 ... Patterned Pretties #20 ... Star Needles & Pins Long Cushion  ... Pineapple Welcome Drum Scissor Stand & Drum Fob

LES PETITES CROIX de LUCIE  --   La Sorciere Classique 

  Fruit Of The Seasons  ...  Sugar And Spice

LITTLE LOVE DESIGNS  --  Christmas Wishes

LONG DOG DESIGNS  --  Descending Order  ... Krozwyrd

MILL HILL (JIM SHORE)  --  Sheep Egg  ... Turtle Egg  ... Bunny Egg

NORA CORBETT  --  Miss Moth  ... Miss Dragonfly


TRA LA LA -- Coupe de Noel

TWIN PEAK PRIMITIVES  --  Frosty's Welcome  ... Winter Gathering  ... Snow Makers  ... Heroic Ewes December - Christmas  ... Heroic Ewes January - On A Freezing Day

VAL'S STUFF  -- Two Merry Moos

ZAPPY  Needle Nanny - Deb Strain - Mr. Wonderful  ... Dots - Deb Strain, Caroling Magnet Collection  ... Needle Nanny - Hands On Design - Around the Holidays - I Hear The Bells  ... Needle Nanny - Country Cottage Needleworks, Glitter House 2

Scissors, 3 1/2" Holiday Patterned

Linen, Saltmarsh Green 40ct






... COMING SOON ....

From JUST NAN ...


Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse       Gingerbread Mouse Reindeer Stocking      Needle Slide, Mini - Happy Holly Deer Mini Slide



Christmas Dragon Ornament w/Painted Dragonfly Charm    



Gingerbread Hollow                Gingerbread Mice Ornaments


A Needlework Enthusiast’s Book of Days for 2019











                      Avery's 2018 Ornament - Good Boys and Girls ...

           At Home For Christmas                                      Delivering The Trees .... Joyous Faith                 


    2 fantastic new Samplers are on their way, but I've been asked to NOT put them on my catalog until late tomorrow afternoon.  They'll be popping up then .. so stay tuned!!


Chalk On The Farm - Winter Wonderland Farm

From SHEPHERD'S BUSH ....                                From COTTAGE GARDEN SAMPLINGS ...


Lois's Stocking                                             Songbird's Garden Series, The - Summer Bliss



(these will be added to my What's New catalog .. shortly!

  Pray Without Ceasing  has a stitch count of 64w x 96h stitched on 32ct Jobelan using Weeks Dye Works.

  Love Completely has a stitch count of 63w x 63h on 32ct linen using Gentle Art Sampler Threads

   Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled has a stitch count of 67w x 152h on 35ct linen using Weeks Dye Works


From LITLE HOUSE NEEDLEWORKS ... (coming in February 2019) ... Jack Frost's Tree Farm




KAY'S FRAMES ... those cool frames used with designs from Hinzeit .. will be UNAVAILABLE FOR our ORDERING UNTIL April 2019.  She winters in Florida and does not take her workshop with her.  We're sorry for any inconvenience or frustration her departure may cause.



Your DECEMBER Complimentary Charts Of The Month are Here!

  • FROM THE CRICKET COLLECTION --  "MOOSE SMOOCH" ... one of their fabulous 'kisses' stitched on 28ct Antique White using DMC or Anchor floss with a stitch count of 39 x 39
  • From AMY BRUECKEN DESIGNS  --  "PEACE" ... stitched on any dark colored fabric of your choice (she did hers on a dark taupe) using DMC floss with a stitch count of 40 x 49
  • From CURTIS BOEHRINGER  --  "SANTA ORNAMENT" (from 1998) ... stitched on 32ct Antique White linen using DMC floss with a stitch count of 114h x 30w.


How do you get these?  It's easy ... when you place an order during the month of December, you'll receive our offered freebies automatically included with your order.  When you come into the shop, simply ask us for the 'Freebies Of The Month'.    Or, you can send us a SASE (legal sized, 4 1/8" x 9 1/2" self-addressed stamped envelope) and we'll mail them right off to you!






CAMP STITCHALOT  - March 29, 30 & 31, 2019

     Make sure you don't end up like this poor stitcher .... she forgot to reserve her spot and now, all of her friends are stitching at a retreat and she's left all to her lonesome at home, missing all the stitching fun!

 ***HINT*** There is an Early Bird Discount available if paid in full - expires Dec. 17th .. ASK for a RETREAT ESCAPE for your PRESENT this coming Holiday Season!!!







At Camp Stitchalot, you can Design/Make Your Own Silver Needleminder CLASS !!!

Silver artist, Michelle Arsenault of Michelle Ink (and Stitching Pretty Presents) will help you fashion your own fine silver adornment with Precious Metal Clay.  Michelle will walk you through the entire process of transforming reclaimed silver clay (PMC) into a beautiful solid silver piece. Beginners are most definitely welcome! Bring a friend (or two) and learn a bit of alchemy while having just so much fun in the process! No prior experience necessary. ALL tools and materials (there are many styles/ choices of different molds) needed will be available for this event. 

Finishing of the clay to silver process will be shown, but actually completed (fired) later in Michelle's home studio. Arrangements will be made in class for you to receive your finished pieces. 

You will be able to complete 2 to 3 needleminders/ charms.

Class fee:  $70.00       Saturday March 30th: 10am - Noon

Ask for your Class Fee as a Christmas Present!



From Deb's Needle ....


I FINALLY finished Cottage Garden Samplings' Songbird's Garden Series, The - Merry & Bright ... so very pleased with it .. loved the colors on the Dove linen from day one but had to get my head around what was causing depression and anxiety and keep myself at it .. and so glad I did!   Wanted to stitch it from the moment I saw it .. frame will be ordered on Monday for this one!   

    And now I'm about half way through Hands On Designs'  Around The Holidays - I Hear The Bells .  I'm doing the pin

cushion version on 32ct Vanilla Latte Lugana.  Will finish the back off with the included Velvet fabric, display it here at home for the holidays and then bring it into the shop for awhile as a model there.



**** CLOSING at 3pm Monday Dec. 24th - Christmas Eve

CLOSED Tuesday Dec. 25th - CHRISTMAS -

and  CLOSED THROUGH January 1st, 2019  (for Inventory and time with family)

Reopening Wednesday January 2nd, 2019 ****



     OK .. that's pretty much it.   Until next week's newsletter update ... don't forget our  12 DAYS OF STITCHMAS begins tonight at midnight o'one December 1st ... that special flyer notification will be sent  just a bit later tonight .. so watch for it!   Each Day, December 1st through December 12th will feature a different savings special for you  ... so ...

Stitch Happy ... AND SAVE!!!!!




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