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January 19, 2020

Hi Fellow Stitchers!      

    Well, the shop was closed AGAIN yesterday ... we were under a winter storm warning like we were last Saturday (that really didn't happen at all!) ... but with forecasted snow amounts of 6" to 9", and since I live out in the country where we do NOT see snow plows for several days afterwards, I decided to wait to see what was happening at 8am.  And called LouAnn and closed the shop.  We got 7" of wet heavy snow ... followed in the afternoon by rain, then by a 'downpour' of sleet, then rain again, and then more snow.  2 more inches this morning on top of the icy stuff.  Back tomorrow ... at least, hopefully I'll be able to get off my road and into town tomorrow ... if not, Debbie and Michelle will be in.  My dirt road is not exactly 2 lanes wide .. in some placed, only 1 1/2 car lanes wide .. with deep drainage ditches and/or trees on each side ... and two hills to go up and down followed by a sharp curve.  Sometimes it's very interesting out here!  

   The NASHVILLE SNEAK PEEKS page has been 'formatted' ... meaning very little, if anything, has been added there yet but the listing of designers and companies attending are listed ... but it's there now and pictures/peeks/info WILL BE added as I get them!   (Hey .. if you see anything out there in your browsing that is coming at Nashville, please email me that info - with link if possible - and I'll get it added on!


   ***I'm doing something different for this Nashville  - mainly because we were so swamped with orders last year it took us several weeks to get your items off to you upon our return from Market (and partially due to a just a few who placed large Market orders and then cancelled them) .... When You PLACE YOUR NASHVILLE ORDERS, we will PROCESS THEM THROUGH TO YOUR PAYMENT CHOICE At That Time and will ship them to you with NO MAILING CHARGES APPLIED upon our return from Market!!   This will ensure we can get your items to you ASAP!!***


so without further delay .. here's what has just arrived at Hoffman Distributing ...


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ERICA MICHAELS  --  Charity For All ... Walk On The Beach

HEART IN HAND  --  2020 Collector's Heart  ... Love Whirligig ... Merrymaking Mini: Love You More

HEARTSTRING SAMPLERY  -- Peace Band Sampler  ... Kind Words Never Die

INK CIRCLES  -- Disturbed ... Entwined ... Ars Robotica

LITTLE DOVE DESIGNS  --  Tea and Gossip

ROMY'S CREATIONS -- Bless This Home  ... Winter Coffee

ROSEWOOD MANOR -- Postcard of Love  ... Creation II

SCATTERED SEED SAMPLINGS -- Fruit Of The Vine Needle Roll

SHANNON CHRISTINE DESIGNS  --  Craft Room  ... Excuse The Mess  ... Tastes Like Christmas  ... Joy To The World  ... Silent Night  ... Peace On Earth

TERESA KOGUT -- Fabulous Monster Series #1 ...  Bee Kind ... Two Homes ... Blue Ribbon (PN) ... Neighborhood (PN) ... Snowman & House Ornaments (PN) ... Santa & Reindeer Ornaments (PN)



 Picture This Plus is not attending Market this year, so WE MUST PLACE OUR ORDERS FOR THIS BEFORE JANUARY 25th in order to get them delivered to us early March!!!


Faun, Aida                                        Havisham, Aida

Faun, Linen                                        Havisham, Linen

 Faun, Lugana                                      Havisham, Lugana


Tidal, Aida                                       Vellum, Aida

Tidal, Linen                                      Vellum, Linen

Tidal, Lugana                                     Vellum, Lugana


 .... COMING SOON ....


Fragments In Time 2020 ... join our auto ship club or purchase individually

Fragments In Time 2020 - 1, Harmony      Fragments In Time 2020 - 2, Serenity

From LIZ MATHEWS ....  (does this name sound familiar to you?  Liz is Kathy Barrick's daughter and designed in the 1990's and early 2000's under the name of Elizabeth's Garden .. She's BACK!! )


Pennsylvania Bird, A        New England Reindeer


Friendship Quilt Winter Tree                      Iced Winter Tree


Nantucket Sampler                            Night Time In Old Town

Bee Kind Bee True


Friendship Quilt Christmas Tree (PN)    First Day of Christmas Tree (PN)    Iced Christmas Tree



Pond Pixies - Dewdrops                          Pond Pixies - Water Sprite


MH Smith 1890

From MILL HILL ...





      How do you get these?  It's easy ... when you place an order during the month of January, you'll receive our offered freebies automatically included with your order.  When you come into the shop, simply ask us

for the 'Freebies Of The Month'.    Or, you can send us a SASE (legal sized, 4 1/8" x 9 1/2" self-addressed stamped envelope) and we'll mail them right off to you!


CAMP STITCHALOT Stitcher's Retreat

 ~~ MARCH 27, 28 & 29, 2020 ~~



Have you ever been to a needlework retreat, vacation or special weekend?  Well, your stitching friends at Stitches N Things work hard to make sure that you have the opportunity to attend at least one, to make sure that you can afford to attend one, to make sure you have a great time at one!

Come join us as we take over every nook and cranny of the Best Western Davison Inn and just stitch and snack and stitch and laugh and have a fantastic-ly fun time stitching!

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And .. BACK by Popular Request (er .. DEMAND!!)

Trash To (Silver) Treasure!  Design & Make Your Own Silver Charm(s) & Needle Minder(s)!

Silver artist MICHELLE ARSENAULT will help you fashion your own fine silver adornments!

CLICK  below For Retreat Pricing Reservation Form:



Some exciting stitching news from With Thy Needle & Thread!

(the following is what Brenda - With Thy Needle & Thread - sent to us shops)

Twenty twenty marks the 400th celebration of the arrival of the Mayflower. It is also the 400th anniversary of the arrival of needlework to America. Did you know, needlework came to America with the woman of the Mayflower? That is something to celebrate, as needle workers of the 21st century! The first American sampler was stitched by a young girl, Lora Myles Standish. We learned of her father, Captain Myles Standish in history class, as young students.


"History has dwelt long and minutely upon the Pilgrim Fathers and their great adventure, but has passed over the women with a generalization and occasionally a tribute. Even their contemporaries have had but little to say about them. There is much need today to perpetuate their spirit, to practice their faith, to maintain their ideals. They loved liberty and endured hardship, sacrifice and suffering for its sake. They built the homes of the Nation on the foundation of English ideals of home and family life, which we cherish today as ours. They served their homes and the community life of the colony with loyal and unswerving devotion. They brought up their families in those rugged virtues and living faith in God, without which nations perish. They have a message for us today, calling us back, not to their austerities but to their righteousness and spirituality." - Anne Rogers Minor, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.


Life for the woman of the Mayflower was not easy. The woman and children lived on the Mayflower while the men built their dwelling places. The living conditions were dirty, wet and cold. Many of the woman and children died the first winter. In the spirit of these brave and enduring woman, and the 400 year celebration, I am happy to share that I have designed a sampler to honor the Woman of the Mayflower. The piece is titled, Coming to America - The Woman of the Mayflower.


I hope you will partake in 66 days (number of days the Mayflower was at sea) of stitching to honor these woman. The release date for this design will be September 6th, the date the Mayflower left Plymouth England. The ending date for the series will be Nov 9th, the day the Mayflower landed in Cape Cod. With some good stitching time, this sampler can be, realistically, completed in the 66 days.


The kit will include the sampler pattern packaged in a lovely, custom printed, colored box and a pattern for a smaller design (to be handed out to participants free of charge on November 9th, 2020). Also included with this will be a piece of finishing fabric for the small design that is a replica of a hand-written page from William Bradford's journal, as well as the linen and flosses for the sampler and tuck them inside the lovely box. At the time you pass out the kits to your customers, the boxed kit will include the large sampler pattern, finishing fabric for the backing of the smaller surprise project, and the linen and floss that you will supply. The 2nd pattern, for the small design, to be handed out to participants on the 9th of November, the ending date of the series. This date coincides with the landing of the Mayflower.


A few hints about the sampler ... It is a larger sampler. It is long and narrow. Very similar in size and stitch count to the historical Lora Standish sampler. As expected, there are nautical Mayflower themed motifs, but I have also worked in the motifs relating to the connection of needlework coming to America, and the woman of the Mayflower. The animals on the Mayflower included 2 dogs, pigs, goats and chickens. Look for these motifs on the sampler, as well! The cover model will be stitched on a 40ct linen. This sampler, due to its size, is best suited for 36ct or smaller linen. The sampler is worked entirely in cross stitch, over 2 threads, with a small amount of straight stitching. There is no over-one stitching on this piece. Pricing will be announced a bit later .. so stay tuned.


*Shops can start taking sign ups for this kit on June 1st. **Shop Orders need to be placed with WTNT BY June 15th. No changes can be made to our order quantities after June 15th, no exceptions!


*Shops can release kits to participants on September 5th. (The actual date the Mayflower set sail was the 6th of September .. so specific release dates will coincide with the historical dates of the Mayflower voyage.)


*There will be a Facebook group formed for this commemorative sampler. The focus of the group will be to share stitching progress and fellowship for participants. WTNT will also be using a hashtag for Instagram posts. More information to follow on this.

*Shops are invited to stop by at the Nashville Needlework Market for more details and take a "small peek at the sampler in progress".   I hope you join in on the fun, and sail into some late summer stitching goodness! 


    Finished Lila's Studio's Spirit of Christmas - 1  - the Ice Skate for my finishing class at Nashville, and then began and finished (well, I finished the stitching and nun-stitch border) of Jeannette Douglas Designs' Sew Together #3 - Scissors & Threads.  It will be attached to a pouch made from this fantastic piece of wool I found.  I rarely stitch a design twice .. but when after stitching JDD's Sew Together Series of four designs together, I just couldn't get this design out of my head and had to stitch it again!

    I will now begin 4 of Plum Street Sampler's seasonal Saltbox Series on one piece of 36ct Ancient Linen from Picture This Plus.  Beginning with Spring with Summer next to it, and then Autumn and Winter beneath the top two designs.


      OK .. I think that's pretty much it.  Have to go out and give the birds more seed (and try to keep Whit from EATING the sunflower seed before the birds get to it ... ALL things are his, ya know!) and then .. and then .. I'll begin stitching a new project while listening to an Audible book.

     So, until next Sunday and your next regularly scheduled update ...  Stitch Happy





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