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April 6, 2020

Hi Fellow Stitchers!      

       Sorry this newsletter is late, but I was working hard in the shop the past two days and at 6:30 at night just wasn't in the mood to sit at the computer.   Go figure.   LOL


     PLEASE READ AND BE ADVISED ... we are STILL under a mandatory state wide shut down until April 13 (that should be extended tomorrow according to our Govenor, but how long has not yet been announced). 

  • LouAnn is the ONLY person in the shop (her decision) and is trying to process orders and get them mailed, even if incomplete - she is unable to respond to emails nor the phone at this time.  NO customers are allowed to come into the shop. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.   Your BEST BET IN ORDERING is to place your order via our Online Catalog ... and put in the COMMENTS section what your additional instructions are.  Email orders will ONLY be read once a week!!   If you order online, please IGNORE the shipping charge - it is a "system generated gusstimate" and we DO reduce it to actual shipping costs. 
  • I go into the shop when I can be the ONLY ONE THERE on Saturday and Sunday to finally answer your emails, open shipments to fill and pack up orders, etc.  Emails may not sound like much, but Saturday morning when I turned on the computer, I was greeted with 917 EMAILS!   Most are spam, some are inquiries and orders, some are just you saying 'thank you' ... but mostly spam.  I have to scan each and every one by subject to make sure .. then I can start to delete.  When I delete span or junk mail, the system then dumps each in to a 'deleted file' .. where I once again have to scan through each to permanently delete them!  So .. we're talking several hours of just checking to make sure I'm not deleting something I need to keep/respond to.  (There were another 103 emails on Sunday!!)   That is WHY LouAnn cannot respond to your emails during the week .. she's too busy trying to process your orders!
  • Debbie is working from home .. updating the catalog and ADDING to the SNT Classics Sale catalog.  I'm doing my best to keep my employees 'employed and with a paycheck' during these trying times. We are currently running about 1 1/2 weeks BEHIND in mailing your orders out to you due to all of this.

      AND .. I found out something very unsettling on Saturday morning .. when I was greeted by emails from several of my manufacturers/distributors about shipments of product to me that were being returned as 'undeliverable'.  Apparently FedX is under a 'do not deliver to non-essential businesses' in Michigan!!!   So that answers my question about 'where in the heck are my shipments'!  I know UPS is delivering as I recieved a huge shipment of packing materials last week .. but nothing from FedX despite the note on my door telling them "if the lights are on, please knock" ... they're just returning the shipments back.  And that means the last 3 orders I've been waiting for from Hoffman Distributing were returned .. reshipped and returned again.  DEEP SIGH    So I started emailing several companies to have them RE-SHIP to my home address ... they'll deliver residental but not businesses it would seem.

     Due to states being under the 'shelter in place' mandate, we can only get reorders in from some of our designers and companies right now.  Distributors are filling orders while they can and some of the designers do not have an 'in house printer' for charts and since printing companies are also considered non-essentail, once their 'in house supply' runs out of a title, they cannot fill our order for that chart. We're all in this together and will get things to you as quickly as we can, but really appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times.  I also THANK YOU so much for your orders!  I'm having orders filled and send incomplete to you as quickly as I can .. if I know I cannot get the reordered items back in stock in a 'normal time'.  Whatever I cannot reorder, I WILL get to you when I can!!!   


so without further delay .. here's what has just arrived at Hoffman Distributing ...


and ... click here to see what's NEW at Yarn Tree

and ... click here to see what's NEW at Wichet Imports

Most of what Hoffman, Yarn Tree and Wichelt are showing have already come back with me from Nashville Market and are in the shop.


Check out my What's New Page

I've added a 'small ton" of handdyed fabrics that are New To You from Nashville Market as well as standard size frames.  I THINK I have everything from Nashville finally added on!


... COMING SOON-ish ...


    a collaboration with Hoffman Distributing to aid and support needlework shops during the shutdowns ...

Where There Is Life

From JUST NAN ...


Silkwood Manor   (LIMITED Quantities - REPRINTwith bonus gifts)


Common Ground  (LIMITED Quantities - REPRINTwith bonus gifts)



Pavane For These Times                                         Anzak


Sweet Land of Liberty

From MILL HILL ....

Charmed Ornaments - Autumn Pumpkin     Charmed Ornaments - Sunflower Pumpkin   

Charmed Ornaments - Glowing Pumpkin      Charmed Ornaments - Bewitching Pumpkin

Charmed Ornaments - Hippie Pumpkin      Charmed Ornaments - Persian Pumpkin

Autumn Harvest - Webster    Autumn Harvest - Gobble Gobble     Autumn Harvest - Moonlit Owl

Autumn Harvest - Red Cap Mushroom     Autumn Harvest - Come Stitch   

      Autumn Harvest - Pumpkin Trio  

Buttons & Beads - Water Pump      Buttons & Beads - Haunted Lantern   

   Buttons & Beads - Tree Of Life      Buttons & Beads - Espresso

Buttons & Beads - Pumpkin Tree        Buttons & Beads - Cafe Mocha

Some FREEBIES You May Enjoy!

IF these links should not work, simply copy and paste the link into your browser

Hands On Design   -   Choose Happy

The Drawn Thread   -   Be Well

Erica Michaels   -   Have A Heart    AND    Stay Home Berry  

JBW Designs   -   Stitch Well

and .. if you follow the shop on Facebook at  you'll find even more!!

COMING TO AMERICA - The Women Of The Mayflower

from With Thy Needle & Thread

1620 -2020

    With Thy Needle & Thread has designed a sampler celebrating the 18 married women of the Mayflower and to commemorate the 400th anniversary.  We are inviting you to join in stitching this project from September 5th till November 9th - the number of days representing the departure and arrival dates - the 66 day voyage of the Mayflower.

    We - the shops - MUST have our orders into the designer by June 15th so that we can have your orders to you in time for this celebration of stitching.   The chart will arrive in a beautiful printed box along with fabric and fibers to be used.  At the completion of the event, we will have a special complimentary chart to give to all those who have participated with their order.  This chart for a 'small' will be 'harvest themed' and will have backing fabric that is a reproduction of a page from Mayflower passenger, William Bradford's journal.

    Some sampler details known at this time:

    The stitch count will be 125w x 434h.  Fabric will be Zweigart's Vintage Country Mocha linen - 40ct and 36ct are recommended linen sizes for this piece due to its size,  All stitching is worked over 2 threads - no over one stitching at all.  Let us know what count fabric you wish so we can be prepared with supplies well in advance.  IF you want a different count, and you now know the stitch count, just let us know.   (Aida stitchers, we can get you 18ct Aida in this color.)   Fibers used are still to be announced but all will come with your kit.

Price is also still to be announced.    This is not yet on my catalog, but you can email the shop and ask to be ADDED to "The List" .. let us know your fabric count choice when you do.


AS OF MAY 20th we will NO LONGER BE OFFERING Custom Framing Services. 

We WILL still be able to ORDER FRAMES for you - whether custom sizes or standard sizes - but will NOT BE ABLE TO OFFER the actual FRAMING SERVICES.  I do not have another framer to offer you, nor do I have the time (or patience) to offer framing from May 20th on.  

I'm VERY SORRY ... this affects our shop model framing too.   Juanita has been doing our fantastic framing for us for over 25 years, but her fingers/hands are giving out from all the stretching, pinning, lacing involved. 

We wish her well (even though I'm sobbing at her leaving us).


      OK .. I think that's pretty much it.  The weather is nice so I'm going outside to do some raking.  Then some stitching.  This was my 'shop work for the day'.   

       Until next week, #bewellandstitch ... wash your hands ... wear a mask ... and Whit says ...

and I say ... STITCH HAPPY!





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