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Gingher Gold Epaulette Scissors
From Gingher, 'Epaulette' embroidery ww/gold plated handles, nickle plated blades in leather sheath. Size: 3 1/2"; a reproduction of an 18th century French pattern.
Price: $21.90

Gingher Lion's Tail Scissors
From Gingher, this unique pattern embellishes these Lion’s tail scissors that resembles a tail wrapped around the handles. Gold handles with sharp points; 4” long.
Price: $21.90

Gingher Snippers
Gingher Thread clippers; Featherweight black nylon frame, stainless steep blades, 4".
Price: $22.00

Gingher Stork 3.5
The traditional stork decorates these sharp scissors from Gingher. Only 3 1/2", these scissors are a popular gift idea and come with a leather sheath.
Price: $24.00

Gingher, 4 inch Large Handles
From Gingher, these large handle embroidery scissors are 4” in overall length. Enlarged ring bow handles and sharp points. Hot drop forged and fully chrome-plated
Price: $31.00

Gingher, 4 inch Lightweight
From Gingher, these lightweight forged black handle embroidery scissors from Gingher offer sharp and exact cutting to the very fine points of the stainless steel blades. May be used either right or left handed.
Price: $17.20

Thread Snips
From Gingher, these 4" featherweight thread clips have a black nylon frame with stainless steel blades. Great for thread cutting in cross stitch and other needlework; Weighs only ½ ounce
Price: $21.90

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