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Baby Base Adjustable Lap Frame This item is on sale.
From K's Creations, if you already have a scroll frame that you prefer, but you are looking for a base to hold your frame.This Base is your solution - adjusts from 9" to 13" in width and is individually hand crafted from beautifully hard maple. The Base Only sets include all the hardware you will need to attach any scroll frame as long as there is a 1/4" hole in the side bar. Comes unfinished and sanded. Suitable for staining.
Price: $74.00
Sale Price: $59.20

Daisy Bee's Knees Book Stand
From It's Sew Emma, Daisy Bee's Knees Book Stand is a magnetic metal table-top bookstand perfect for patterns & charts, books, photos, tablets, rulers, design boards, magnetic needle minders and more. Stand is bright sunshine yellow and measures approximately 11 3/8" x 15" x 1 1/2". Magnetic, metal frame unfolds to 2.5" depth; easily folds and stores anywhere. Weight: 2.78 lbs
Price: $35.00

E-Z Stitch Table/Lap Stand & Frame
The E-Z Stitch Stand is made of American Red Oak with a twin pillar leg construction to provides a stable platform for all your projects. The whole scroll frame can rotate a full 360° for quick, easy access to the back of your project. The adjustable side extender bars allows placement of your frame to best suit your seating position and the position of your project for either straddling your lap or for table use. Includes:2 side support pillar legs, 2 adjustable 12" side extender bars, 2 20"scroll rods with No-Basting System, 2 spacers, 1 roll of No-Basting Tape for fabric, 10 knobs
Price: $98.00

Lap-Stitch Doodler Frame
Like the other frames offered by Doodlin' Around Design, the Doodler provides a portable, hands-free solution for all types of needlework. What makes the Doodler special is the evenly balanced design of the side bars, allowing the stitcher to turn the frame around and have it remain evenly balanced. This frame is perfect for the stitcher who loves to do needlepoint, bargello, crewel- embroidery, or any other type of needlework that requires the project to be turned around regularly. The doodler includes 12", 15", and 18" dowels with a set of 4 knobs.
Price: $108.00

Lap-Stitch Floor Table
From Doodlin Around Design, this handy table is made of Red Oak and will slide easily over the arms of most chairs. This is a must for any needleworker who wants the best to make their stitching more enjoyable. (This is my husband's favorite chair table .. was supposed to be mine, but he won't give it back!)
Price: $150.00

Lap-Stitch Little Doodler Stitching Frame
Like the other frames offered by Doodlin' Around Design, the Little Doodler provides a portable, hands-free solution for all types of needlework. Evenly balanced sidebars allow the frame to be turned in multiple directions for ease of stitching and offers a 7" top-to-bottom working area. Set includes 9" & 12" dowels, 2 sidebars and 4 knobs. Handcrafted in Wisconsin, USA using domestic hardwoods
Price: $82.00

Lap-Stitch Mini Frame
From Doodlin' Around Design, this Lap-Stitch Mini Frame is designed for the stitcher who works primarily on mid-sized projects or for the stitcher who is looking for a second frame to work with. Designed to set on your lap or table allowing you to stitch without holding onto the frame OR the fabric! In either case, all you have to hold is your needle! The set comes with 9" and 12" dowels, set of sidebars and 4 knobs and has a working window of 7".
Price: $82.00

Lap-Stitch Mini-Mini Frame
From Doodlin' Around Design and designed to be an economical version of the other Lap- Stitch frames, it's compact size is ideal for the small projects you like to do and can easily fit into a project bag so you can take it with you anywhere - even on your lunch break! The set includes 2 sidebars, 4 knobs and 2 sets of dowels 6" and 9", to make the frame more adaptable for a greater range of projects Like it's bigger brothers and sisters, the Lap Stitch Mini Mini is made of Red Oak and finished with 2 coats of lacquer. This frame is expandable with our selection of dowels.
Price: $66.00

Lap-Stitch Pal 2 Desk
From Doodlin Around Designs, the Lap-stitch Frame can sit in your lap or on a table, allowing for ease of stitching as well as portability. Perfect for cross-stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, quilting, punch-needle, and even beading! Folds up flat for easy storage/transport.
Price: $70.00

Morgan No-Slip Lap Stand
Perfect for us Needle Punchers [but also designed to be used by Quilters, Rug Hookers, Cross Stitchers and Needle Pointers], this patented stand has the same No-Slip feature as the standard No-Slip Hoops. The Lap Stand is designed to elevate the project hoop above the lap allowing the user to have both hands free to work on the project [no more stabbing your knee or cramping your hand]. The unique feature of this Lap Stand is that it is collapsible. Each stand is composed of two hoops varying in size, held together by three (3) supporting rods which space the hoops 4 ½” apart. Simply invert the Lap Stand to work with either sized hoop. When the user desires to take the Lap Stand with them, it comes apart and stacks together for travel (or you may use the No-Slip Hoops separately, if desired).
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