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Item Name: Ground Walnut Shells - Lavender Scented
Category: Miscellaneous
Sub-Category: Hand Lotions, Cleaners & Stuffs
Item Number: PlmBry
Price: $10.70
From Plumberry and containing 2 cups by volume - 12oz by weight, ground walnut shells are an ideal filling for pin cushions, pyn pillows, etc. Walnuts are naturally grown and are sustainable; from a local walnut harvest, they have been cleaned of all nut meats and debris. The filling is strong and hefty, and when used in a pin cushion, keeps it stable. Does not dull or sharpen pins and needles. This bag of shells is scented - the Grosso variety of lavender is naturally grown with no pesticides. Also good for filling neck rolls or massage rolls that can be microwaved. **Unscented ground walnut shells are also available.


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