CAMP # 2 =  March 17, 18 & 19, 2006

Davison Michigan

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"The Eliza Pickney Sampler" is stitched on 30ct Tan Linen utilizing Soie d'Alger silk and Soie Perle silks with the dominant colors of the sampler being blues, gold, green and several shades of peach. The sampler contains a challenging number of specialty stitches that include Herringbone Leaf, Couched Cross, Quidobet, Leaf, Bullion, Spider Web, Algerian Eye, Triple Upright Cross, Brighton, Diamond Ray, Smyrna Cross over two, Greek, Rhodes Heart, Diamond Rhodes, Modified Eyelets (three types), Queen, Modified Queen, Horizontal Smyrna Cross, Fir, Modified Leaf, Fishbone, Rice over two, Norwich, Octagonal Rhodes, Banded Cushion, Kloister blocks and Fly stitch.
The stitches will be learned through the use of a preface piece which is a smaller design containing a great deal of the stitches contained within the larger sampler.
There will also be a discussion on Eliza Pickney who lived in the early part of the eighteenth century and was in charge of a plantation in South Carolina that grew the first cash crop of indigo. She is a fascinating historical figure because not only was she a successful crop raiser but went on to bear two sons who played a significant part in the American Revolutionary War.
Class Fee: $75.00

Stitching Ability Level: Must be able to stitch 'over two' on linen


"Honeysuckle Heart" is a floral heart design worked primarily in cross stitch and back stitch and embellished with nine specialty stitches. Those stitches include, Algerian Eyelet, Ray Stitch, Star Eyelet, Raised Chain Band, Closed Fly Stitch, Crossed Corners, Diamond Star Eyelet, Festoon Stitch and Mosaic Filling. Stitched on 25ct Dublin linen using Gentle Art Sampler Threads and #12 Perle Cotton, the design size is approximately 10" x 10".
It is a fun project to stitch, and a great way to learn some new stitches.
Class Fee: $68.00

Stitching Ability Level: Must be able to stitch 'over two' on linen


Both the Earth Threads and In A Gentle Fashion classes will be taught ‘back to back' at the same times:
Sat - 9am - 2pm-ish
and again on
Sun - 9am - 1pm-ish


Knots can be mysterious things... exquisitely beautiful or incomparably frustrating.  With "Know Your Knot", learn to make beautiful, well formed French and Colonial knots as you work on a lovely knotted oval design which can be turned into a scissor fob (or even a brooch if you choose).  This is a TERESA LAYMAN miniature design.
Learn about the mechanics of knots, what to do about unwanted knots in your thread, as well as shading with knots as you stitch. Finishing techniques will be covered as well.
Your kit for this class includes everything used.
BRING embroidery scissors.

Class Fee: $30.00

Stitching Ability Level: For All


Deb's class will be taught:
Sat - 3pm - 5pm
and again on
Sun - 10am - 11am


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